Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Get paid for incomin calls

The mobile phones in India were a big buzz 5-6 years back and only 1 million people had cell phoned in India. The major reason cited was that you have to pay even to receive a call. I remember a time of 5 -6 years back where a call charged Rs.33 ($0.75 Approx) per minute and later it came down to free of charge. All because of a healthy ongoing competition of the markets. Now see the major shift in the every growing economy of India that 250 - 300 million people have cell phones.

But the incoming charge is going to hit back again. Surprised!. But the only difference this time that you get paid for receiving incoming calls. For the 1st time ever an incoming call will neither be charger nor free infact a person will be paid for recieving it. Isn't that interesting. This is major ploy by Virgin mobiles to attract the market of cell phones connections. Currently a person will be paid 10 paisa per minute ($0.04 Approx) to receive an incoming. Virgin Mobile has entered the Indian market through a 50:50 joint venture with the Tatas. The Tata Group’s telecom arm, Tata TeleServices, will form the JV to introduce the Virgin brand in the world’s fastest growing telecom market.

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Becky Carroll said...

How interesting, Nadeem. Did you know that you also have to pay for an incoming call here in the USA? Our first au pair (from Norway) didn't understand why her mobile phone bill was so high, since she was only receiving calls and not making them! Interesting also what Virgin is doing.