Wednesday, August 20, 2008


McDonalds in India provides westerners with a little taste of home. Just don't expect the menu to be the same as it is in the U.S. Among other differences, you won't find beef on the menu. Diets in India are often impacted by the many different religions in India. Hindus don't eat beef, so there is no beef on the McDonalds' menu in India. Muslims don't eat pork, so the McDonalds Corporation in India is quick to point out on their website ( that not only is there no beef, there is no pork or pork byproducts in any McDonalds restaurant in India. Additionally, with the high number of vegetarians in India, about half of the menu at McDonalds in India is vegetarian, which makes it a good choice for diners who want some healthy options - whether or not they are vegetarian. Here's a glimpse of what you can order at a McDonalds in India,


The McVeggie ™ sandwich starts with the oh-so-familiar sesame seed bun. In between the bread, you'll find a vegetarian patty that is made from peas, carrots, green beans, red bell pepper, potatoes, onions, rice, and seasoning. This vegetarian burger is garnished with lettuce, and has mayonnaise made without eggs spread thickly on the bread

McAloo Tikki

Potatoes (aloo in Hindi) are a popular filling food item in India. McDonald's in India's McAloo Tikki ™ sandwich includes a patty made out of potatoes, peas, and spices. It also includes tomato slices, onions, and vegetarian mayonnaise.

Paneer Salsa Wrap

Paneer is referred to as cottage cheese in India, but it is nothing like what we call cottage cheese here in the U.S. It is made from milk but is similar in texture to tofu. McDonald's in India's Paneer Salsa Wrap ™ starts with a small slab of paneer that has been dredged in a coating that is a cross between Mexican and Cajun in flavor. I'm not sure if it is then fried or baked, but the coating is crunchy. The paneer patty is wrapped in flatbread and topped with a salad mixture that includes lettuce, red cabbage and celery and then is finished off with vegetarian mayonnaise, salsa and cheddar cheese.

Crispy Chinese
McDonald's in India's Crispy Chinese sandwich is somewhat misnamed. It is crispy, but I'm not sure it resembles anything that I've ever eaten in a Chinese restaurant either in the U.S. Nevertheless, this vegetarian patty which is topped with a creamy Schezwan sauce and lettuce is a nice addition to McDonald's in India's vegetarian menu.

Veg McCurry Pan

If you are in the mood for something similar to pizza, but don't want a tomato-based sauce, McDonalds in India's Veg McCurry Pan ™ is a good choice. It starts with a rectangular shaped crust that is topped with a creamy sauce (made without eggs), and vegetables including broccoli, baby corn, mushrooms and red bell pepper. It is then baked until the crust is crisp and the toppings are hot and bubbly.

Pizza McPuff

The McDonald's in India's vegetarian Pizza McPuff ™ is another favorite of mine. It also starts with a rectangular shaped crust, but instead of a creamy sauce is flavored with a tomato-based sauce and then is topped with carrots, beans, bell peppers, onions, peas and mozzarella cheese.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) 4 LESS

CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas. It is one of the most viable alternatives to traditional fuel energy resources (petrol) for the automotive industry. CNG is low in pollutants, high in calorific value and heat yield, economical and available in abundance globally.
Reasons for switching over to this alternate fuel are mainly:
1. Economic benefit: The cost of CNG is almost a third of the cost of Petrol in terms of calorific value resulting in substantial saving in fuel cost, and investment on the CNG kit is paid back in a short period
2. Environment friendly: The use of CNG as a fuel reduces vehicular exhaust emissions significantly. Carbon Monoxide emissions are reduced by 70 to 90% and Hydrocarbon emissions by 40 to 60% as compared to vehicles that use the conventional fuel - Petrol. Carbon Dioxide emissions, a cause for global warming, are also reduced significantly by 10%
3. 100% Income Tax Depreciation: Corporate Organisations, firms, etc. can claim 100% depreciation on a CNG Conversion Kit as this is a pollution controlling equipment. Organisations that buy CNG Conversion Kits should consult their Income Tax Consultants and avail of the depreciation benefits
4. Flexibility and ease of use: The basic engine characteristics of a vehicle are retained while converting it to run on CNG. The vehicle therefore is capable of running either on Petrol or CNG at the flick of a switch on its dashboard.

CNG is becoming popular in India as it is enviromental friendly and 1/3 price of petrol. It now used mostly by trucks, buses and tourist vehichles but as time is passing more and more private cars are getting on CNG. Once the frequency and avalability of this CNG gas station increases more and more cars will be having it.